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Date:2012/10/16 10:49:49   Froms:申鹭达卫浴    View:6519    Edit:小谢

Sep, 29, 2012, SUNLOT opened its first showroom in Yangon, Myanmar. SUNLOT flagship store was officially settled in Kabar Aye Pagoda Road where are one of the three main roads in Yangon City Myanmar, when we were celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in China. As the grand opening of SUNLOT store, the busy street is even more prosperous.

On the opening day, Yangon province governor and a number of provincial and ministerial level cadres went to the SUNLOT’s showroom to cut the ribbon. Subsequently, senior politicians, well-known building materials and other business men come and look around the showroom carefully. A high-class brand image of SUNLOT, the leading innovation and technology, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, which get praises from the local people. Statistics suggest that more than one thousand guests visit to the store, and signed many sales orders. Chinese sanitary ware brand make a good beginning to enter into Myanmar, which attracted the most authoritative media of Myanmar to report the news, like the local highly influential news paper---“Trade Times”. Once the news comes out, It spread rapidly and cause the great attention of many local Myanmar people.

The total population is about 60 million in Myanmar. The vast majority of  industrial goods are imported from abroad. There are three important cities:  Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw (the capital). The government is reforming the economic system, encouraging foreign investment and opening-up, which prompted Myanmar to become a hot investment country in Southeast Asia.

Through an in-depth market research and analysis, SUNLOT firmly believed that Myanmar to be one of the most potential consumer market. Last year, SUNLOT began to prepare the opening of first showroom in Yangon. At present, SUNLOT set up marketing department, sales department, engineering department and some of the local sales channels. In August of this year, The sales center of Myanmar arranged some staffs who are responsible for marketing and sales come to China SUNLOT factory to have a ten-day training, for comprehensive understanding of the SUNLOT cultural brand and the strong production power of SUNLOT GROUP, learning the basic market operation strategy, which lay a solid foundation for Myanmar market and further development. Great steps into Myanmar market, which is just a beginning, well, SUNLOT wish more showrooms opened in the future in every city of Myanmar.

In recent years, SUNLOT make great efforts to develop the Chinese market, besides, who actively expand overseas markets, try to find an innovative business model and market development, and strive to build a world-leading brand of Sanitary Wares. The opening of Myanmar showroom is another important progress on its international expansion road. Before that, SUNLOT has established its branch in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand; totally have more than one hundred stores in overseas market. Same time, SUNLOT are planning to set up an overseas designing center in Bali Island, Indonesia, which will undertake SUNLOT brand’s new design and the modern style design of SUNLOT products, which will greatly enhance the overall image of SUNLOT brand and the ability of industrial design. These is bound to have a positive impact and lay a good foundation for SUNLOT‘s long term development on its international road, we wish to see a new chapter of SUNLOT brand.

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