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Writing a good love life
Date:2011/12/14 7:55:00   Froms:    View:1796    Edit:

         Mojiang Hani Autonomous County in Yunnan Province, south, located in the middle of Ailao Mountain, from here through the Tropic of Cancer. Surprisingly, where the twin birth rate actually ranked second in the world.
         The Shenluda • warm Chinese love action came Mojiang Hani Autonomous County find the need of love funded girl, from Mexican River County, Union-town the first primary officer that there is a pair of twin sisters living conditions are particularly tough, older sister, Lung Si-Ru, sister Long thought I called, a person's financial resources, thanks to his father in a construction site workers earn a monthly salary of seven eight hundred. As the long-term malnutrition, the sisters seemed short than many peers, sensible sisters learn a special effort is always the top five in the class results.
         Feel that family life is not easy, Shenluda • warm Chinese Love decided to fund capital Lung Si Yu, Long think I junior to senior secondary school fees and hope that this love to help this lovely twin sisters writing a better life.

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