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Won the "2011 China Standard Innovation Award home fashion trends."
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      The evening of 29 November 2011, China's domestic industry annual event - "I home 2011 home fashion trends released China Festival" in Shanghai Grand Theatre Wangxing Kong Ballroom was held. Shenluda with its outstanding technical innovation and industrial design, awarded "China's home fashion trends Standard Innovation Award."
      "I home 2011 home fashion trends released Chinese festival" by the "I home first home" magazine together the Danish Design Association, "12580 broadcast live," jointly organized activities to promote the development of China's domestic industry, a new era of home culture spread, so Consumers feel the first time the prevalence of domestic industry, pulse, while for the home to showcase the brand design, creative platform.
        In recent years, sanitary industry in China in the taste, brand quality, R & D, design has greatly improved, originally thought to do on behalf of the foreign brand sanitary process-oriented domestic manufacturers, began to devote themselves to developing their own original products, which can be described Shenluda the leader. By 1978, production from the tap started to now has self-developed digital thermostatic taps are sold all over the country and in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and a number of products registered 30 patents, "innovation" have become Shenluda the strongest competitive edge.
        In Shenluda business principles, the concept of innovation has become a top priority Shenluda. In these years, Shenluda master bathroom has been committed to the core technology, the mission of revitalizing family name in the industry. 2003 developed its own domestic leading level of "self-control gravity casting machine" and "self-control double-lumen frequency induction furnace," fill the gap for the foundry industry has made a significant contribution to the development. In July 2004 the company developed a new water-saving appliances - constant tap, and won the national patent, the product under the same conditions over 60% water, in the country, an international initiative. November 2010's self-developed digital thermostat Tap won the "2010 China Red Star Design Award". September of this year, Shenluda bathroom "Ocean Wizard" series basin mixer stand out in the tens of thousands of pieces of work, won the "Golden Hook Award for Best Italian." In addition, another bathroom Shenluda entries "Diamond Series" has been "Finalist."
        In addition to commitment to product research and market development, the Shenluda cultural marketing innovation are obvious. In 2010, China National Hardware Association formally approved the construction of China's first Shenluda "taps Museum", showing the world has a long history of water culture. Completed and available taps museum attracted an amazing industry and media coverage. This is China's first initiated by the private enterprises and the establishment of the National Museum of the industry, it filled the Chinese culture for thousands of years the lack of water, restore the historical Chinese culture, Millennium water mark, also recorded a new chapter in China's faucet.
       Thirty years as the industry-renowned brand of bathroom, Shenluda in the development process has been rooted in local culture, look at the future life. Continuously learn, improve, sublimation, the enterprise from the extensive manufacturing brand of sublimation to the original design. The re "home fashion trends mark China Innovation Award", is Shenluda Dazhuo reaffirmation of the more innovative. Take this opportunity to Shenluda will continue to enhance the level of innovation, leading the sanitary industry's future development.
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