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Life of Thanksgiving
Date:2011/12/14 7:51:14   Froms:    View:1340    Edit:
Once upon a time, the Oroqen Daxinganling tribe, is the world's only pure hunting peoples, they shuttle in the immense forest, horse galloping, and hunting. In 1996, with the ecological destruction and the extinction of endangered animals, the central authorities issued a decree Daxinganling comprehensive hunting, overnight, Oroqen people bid farewell to the forest they live for generations.
From the initial lack of understanding after the Oroqen people pause to reflect on their behavior down, they suddenly realize that, before the elk and river deer can be seen every day, I do not know when it has disappeared without a trace, even roe deer are increasingly scarce, the forest does need a good chance to recuperate. Thus, the famous hunter Oroqen local spontaneous form a group, serve as role Daxinganling forest police who patrolled daily to remove the trap layout poachers, poachers again and again with the wits, to defend this land the survival of animals.
Animals from hunters to protectors of the change, reflects the Oroqen people the spirit of Thanksgiving return valuable forests. Life in the world, grateful parents, Thanksgiving society, right and proper. Hateful, lawless elements who still produce waste oil for their own selfish interests, melamine harmful to society, completely lost their human conscience. Fortunately, we still love to see some companies such as Shenluda bathroom always remember Thanksgiving back to society, adhere to the sustainable development of China's national sanitary industry has set a benchmark model.
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