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Unwavering love for the dream
Date:2011/12/14 7:48:47   Froms:    View:1380    Edit:
In Inner Mongolia, Mountains, north China's most original place, Ali Hulunbeir town, live in the world's only pure hunting peoples - Oroqen, they are called "horse on the nation."

The warm Shenluda bathroom to look for Chinese love action this Oroqen of the town, and with fourteen-year-old girl A Weinan Oroqen bump. A Weinan with diabetes must take medicine every day injections, parents in poor health, unable to do heavy work, only 200 forty dollars a month of low premiums. Family's difficulties and the pain of torture and did not let E Weinan fall, she studied very hard, outstanding, she has a glorious dream - to become a caring teacher.

A Weinan body flowing with the spirit of the nation's brave, strong and unyielding struggle, in order to help achieve her dream of studying, Shenluda warm Chinese Charity Fund decided to fund her middle school to high school tuition. Hope this bit of love, to let her go further on the road in a dream, and hope that through this love, to warm all of China's poverty-stricken girls, let them dream the courage to move forward.
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