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The farthest distance in the world is not life and death but want to see China enter the World Cup soccer
Date:2011/12/14 7:46:23   Froms:    View:1671    Edit:
November 11, 2011, when the Orangemen lost to Iraq 1-0, also formally announced an early goodbye to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Maybe the fans have long been accustomed to this silent death, funny thing is, this time the failure has not even become a topic of discussion.

When we put aside all prejudices to see the Chinese football, that I do not know when to start, the whole of society that are lost from the heart of football passion. Iraqi football is admirable, their successive wars, but they love football ever stopped, asked China? There are few who truly love football and football related in that, when the Football Association to become a hotbed of corruption, money will only be used to stimulate the players when the football has lost his essence, Do not they know, the frenzy for money, how can match the frenzy of a dream? Only from the heart to go all love, all the fans, players, organizers of the system to the love of soccer, football and not be purely utilitarian, spontaneous and not forced.
Here, I can not help but think of a popular sports - hockey, hockey's annual investment of state funds pitifully low, but the hockey players were not for the love of the sport, but light, and even won the 2008 Olympic Games silver medal, Hockey in China town - Neimenggumo Dawa people everywhere to play hockey, which has a need Shenluda Fund in order to warm the poor girl go to school, late at night alone ran playground to practice, just for one day to realize their Hockey dream.
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