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Sunlot Industrial Park, Yingdu, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.
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No.303, Building 7, Guanyinshan Int'l Biz Center,Xiamen,Fujian.
Reached in 2011 SunLot French film screenings for the eighth and the Sixth China-France Culture Spring "French Culture Spring - French Film Festival," senior strategic partner;
April 12, 2011 SunLot bathroom in the Great Hall of the Henan Hall was honored as "China Top Ten Brands bathroom";
April 23, 2011, SunLot join China Children and Teenagers' Fund, Qinghai Satellite TV start "warm China" program series of "SunLot. Warm Fund" ceremony in Zhengzhou, Henan, Fujian Quanzhou two simultaneously activated, the program aims to help poor girls out of school to return to school, love the sun bathing;
April 26, 2011, Andy Lau SunLot China tour together to create "Andy UNFORGETTABLE Tour China Zhengzhou station";
For the May 17, 2011, SunLot bathroom together group portrait of social power in Jl.KertajayaIndahTimurI / 1 of the power of social Stadium group from China, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jakarta, Palembang 6 friendly international basketball basketball team;
May 30, 2011, SunLot join China Children's Foundation, the National Women's Federation, the Ministry of Health "action to eliminate anemia in infants and young children" was officially launched at the Great Hall, SunLot HONG Jian, chairman of the city of love donated 100 million as start-up funding;
October 1, 2011 SunLot hand, "the first day of Chinese folk song" Zuying "2011 • Charming China" tour station in Zhengzhou, the concert will be specified product.
March 2, 2010, Shenluda Bath won the "2009 Top Ten most popular bathroom brand dealer"
 April 9, 2010, Shenluda selected Real Estate Assessment Center China 2009 China top 500 building materials, real estate development business class sanitary ware brand of choice for procurement
 June 28, 2010, by the (seventh) Shenluda brand to 1.778 billion yuan of brand value listed in the World Brand Lab in 2010 awarded the "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" ranking No. 399;
 September 19, 2010, China National Hardware Association issued a document agreed Shenluda stock company taps the museum building is named "China taps Museum", which is to tap China's first history museum for the content;
 September 17, 2010, sponsored by JJ Shenluda bathroom "I AM World Tour" Sichuan station;
 September 25, 2010, Tencent Shenluda bathroom hand held "Shenluda Cup" Chinese Chess City Tournament;
January 2009 Shenluda Group developed numerical constant temperature basin faucets, shower faucets digital thermostats and other products listed on the official;
 February 10, 2009 Shenluda industrial park start of the project;
 February 2009 "Shenluda" Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry is famous as "well-known enterprises in Fujian Province famous"
 June 16, 2009 published by the World Brand Laboratory selected the "2009 China Top 500 most valuable brands," the first 428;
 Established in July 2009 Shenluda Inc. (shareholder: Shenluda Group, HONG Jian city, new flood water);
 July 2009 by the Shenluda Group responsible for drafting the GB/T24293-2009 "digital thermostat Tap standard" officially upgraded to national standards.
 August 2009 appeared in the "top 300 industrial enterprises in Fujian Province," No. 291;
 August 2009 Rongren Nan An City, integrity Association, vice chairman of the first unit of the Council;
 August 2009 "Shenluda" trademark was awarded Office of Fujian Provincial Foreign Trade 2008-2009 "Fujian well-known international brand" (reviewed by August 2008);
 September 2009 China National Hardware Association awarded the NC thermostat faucets as "innovative products";
 October 2009 Shenluda Group subsidiary Huaying metal plating factory moved to Southampton City Plating centralized control center, and add three automatic electroplating production line;
Drafted in March 2008 to develop "digital thermostatic faucets" national standards;
April 2008 "Shenluda, special ceramic" sanitary ware products through the "China Environmental Label Product" certification, and selected the NDRC, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a compulsory purchase directories of government;
May 2008 Shenluda officially arrived in Osaka in the constant production of the valve base;
June 2, 2008 released by World Brand Lab named "2008 China Top 500 most valuable brands," the first 489;
June 8, 2008 won the first national "AAA-grade corporate credit rating certificate";
Quanzhou City in September 2008 Intellectual Property Office granted "patent pilot work advanced unit";
September 2008 "Shenluda" trademark was identified as Fujian Provincial Department of Foreign Trade "Fujian well-known international brand";
October 2008 China National Hardware Association Building Hardware Branch awarded the "Professional Committee of plumbing ware and valves" vice-chairman;
October 2008, Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions awarded "advanced unit of foreign workers caring" title;
In November 2008, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association awarded the "China sanitary Famous Brand";
November 2008 China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, bathroom accessories Branch awarded the "China Green taps" title
December 2008 China National Hardware Association awarded Shenluda brand ceramic sealing leading to the 2008 "Product Excellence Award";
December 26, 2008 China National Hardware Association awarded the "National Metal products industry advanced collective";
December 2008 served as the Fourth Council of China Hardware Association, vice chairman of the unit;
2008 Corporation tax Shenluda total topped 100 million yuan (10.02 million yuan);
In January 2007, Merrill Lynch invest in Nanan City Shenluda enterprise business group headquarters, and on March 30 groundbreaking ceremony;
 April 26, 2007 Group was established branch, served as party secretary, chairman;
 In June 2007 the government awarded the Quanzhou Quanzhou class "Shenluda Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center" title;
 September 2007 "Shenluda" trademark by the State Administration for Industry as "China Famous Trademark", the formation of a justice, well-known two-identified business enterprises;
 Group in September 2007 by China Brand Research Institute named as the first "China Science and Technology brand 500";
 In October 2007, in the drafting of national standards for the smart toilet preparation;
 In 2007 the company began the development of "digital thermostatic faucets"
 December 2007 "Shenluda, especially pottery," Tap, by the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission approved the inclusion of "energy-saving products in government procurement list" for the mandatory purchase catalog products;
 December 2007 Shenluda Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center was recognized as "Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center";
March 2006 "special ceramic" brand products expands to "national water-saving product certification";
May 13, 2006 Jiangxi Jingdezhen City Intermediate People's Court as "China Famous Brand."
June 2006 invested 20 million renovation Huaying metal plating factory, and the introduction of automatic plating lines and wastewater membrane treatment method technology.
July 2006 to invest 140 million yuan in the construction of industrial areas south of Wai sanitary ceramics production lines;
In October 2006, certified by the radius of the center of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification;
In October 2006 the company invested 100 million yuan in the construction of industrial areas south of Wai sanitary ceramics production base, China's first company to achieve the integration of sanitary ware plumbing business;
In November 2006, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association awarded the "sanitary industry in China Famous Brand";
In November 2006, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, bathroom accessories Branch awarded the "China Green taps" title;
November 2006 was again China Standard Certification Center awarded the "water-saving contribution Award";
In December 2006, "Shenluda", "special ceramic" brand products at the same time by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine awarded the "national exemption product" title of honor;
December 2006 - 2007 "Shenluda", "special ceramic" brand products in Fujian Province famous brand products are assessed simultaneously Committee awarded the "Fujian Famous Brand" title;
Nanan City in 2006 constant Osaka valve base 200 acres of land purchased for Shenluda Group's new plant rebuilt, and on March 30 groundbreaking ceremony;
In 2006 the company began the development of "integrated smart toilet";
April 2005 ShenLu of group Co., LTD. Is the Asian economic and trade cooperation committee, the United States international quality certification commission and the China international brand association named "Chinese famous brand", "the international famous brand development enterprise";
In May 2005 by fujian quality technology supervision bureau awarded "2004 in fujian province quality management advanced enterprise".
On September 1, 2005 the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine awarded the title of "China famous brand" products.
In March 2004 the company fully into ERP information management and enterprise operation and management system promotion activities;
In March 2004, state administration for industry and commerce awarded "national creditable enterprise" title;
In April 2004, China building health ceramic association awarded "China defends bath product industry well-known brand" title;
In July 2004, the company developed a new water saving appliances-constant water tap, and got the patent, the product in the same conditions water saving 60% more, and in the domestic and international of pioneering;
In August 2004 the authentication center awarded "national water saving contribution" title;
In September 2004, the production of ceramics piece seal water mouth, health equipment and other products with hose special campaigns by the Beijing municipal building materials market leading group rated as "quality credit products";
In November 2004 the enterprise will be "fujian quanzhou ShenLu of group Co., LTD." change "ShenLu of group Co., LTD.", in the trade in China is the first enterprise legal name not with the name of the regional enterprise;
In December 2004 the Chinese hardware products association awarded "the product high quality prize" title;
In May 2003, the first in the industry was awarded "national water saving product" title;
In May 2003, the company developed by leading domestic level "control gravity JiaoZhuJi" and "control double cavity induction furnace frequency", make traditional sand casting process has the historic breakthrough and development, fill a blank in China, for the development of the foundry industry made great contributions;
In June 2003, fujian provincial people's government granted "fujian famous brand product" title;
On October 1, 2003, the fifth anniversary of the group has established a new factory area and completion of celebration activities, and hold inaugural ceremony;
In January 2002, jiangsu famous brand career promotion association awarded "jiangsu market recognized brand products";
In July 2002 China building hardware products association awarded "China famous brand faucet industry 10" title, and opening ceremony held in the great hall of the people;
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