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Sunlot Industrial Park, Yingdu, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.
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No.303, Building 7, Guanyinshan Int'l Biz Center,Xiamen,Fujian.
SUNLOT concept

SUNLOT . The new dream of Rubber man
SUNLOT put forward the proposal of “ Rubber man new dream”, advocated “Rubber man” to improve life level, thought that we can change our life from ourselves, household environment and family to change the state of life.
SUNLOT thinks that family is the most import in our daily life, so that we can form a new idea beginning with creating a relax and savour life and recombinate with handicrafts, textile, collection, lamps and lanterns, flower art, plants and so on. At the same time, we pay attention to construct atmosphere among bathroom, drawing room, kitchen and bedroom and elaborate collocation and combination of all the details elements.
After the proposal was raised, a lot of net friends considered the opinion with great value. Bathroom is a relaxation space so that we can construct a kind of soft and cozy life status through designing colour, products,overall arrangement and lamplight etc.LvnikeNikeyard

Elite to create exciting, mediocrity would be nothing! We are adhering to the “integrity-based, quality first, service focus, technology-based” service concept; SUNLOT staffs are committed to technological innovation, so refined products, continuously deepening the reform and trigger a new revolution in water use for the user to create a new Water Culture!

SUNLOT. Brand Concept
★ Man is great for dream
★ Work is interesting, life makes sense
★ Fulfilling standard operating, ensure product quality
★ Man found ways will succeed, who made excuses will fail
★ Creating wealth by "knowledge, wisdom, quality, service"
★ Regarding surpass myself and never meet as lasting motility of career
★ Implementation ofthe management accountability system prompts management to make decisions in a responsible manner
★ Innovation is a competitive advantage of enterprise and a shortcut of building the core competitiveness
★ With the innovation idea to deal with a constantly changing market and seek development
★ Provide quality services and live up to customers' promises and form a different service culture from competitors.

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